We pride ourselves in building strong partnerships with professionally educated peers and ambitious business owners who have earned their station and have proved their resilience to stay on top of their field. From a Dentist in the Maritimes, an Engineer in Barrie, to a surgeon in Vancouver to a nurse in Calgary to another engineer in Victoria we have vast and diverse partnerships with great people and have crafted unique ways to grow capital, influence, and trust within their existing circles.

Ensuring you can continue to do what you do best is as key to your financial future as the real estate you will amass while working with our team. Below is a list of the partners we currently have ones that we find have a interest and ability to pursue real estate collaboration over isolation. Above all we look for the partners with the right attitude, aptitude and passion as those things always have and will outweigh the profession of the person. If your career isn’t on our list yet, then lets talk and see if working together is something that allows us to get further, faster.

·      Process Engineer
·      Nurse
·      Rural Crop Technician (Farmer)
·      Instrumentation Tech
·      Neural Surgeon
·      Accountant
·      Pharmaceutical Sales
·      Dentist
·      Water Treatment Engineers
·      University Professors
·      Business Development & Sales
·      Policemen
·      Electrical Engineers
·      Optometrist
·      Lawyers
·      Chemical Engineers
·      Teacher
·      Marketing Agent
·      Construction Business Owner
·      Insert your profession here _________________________