We are a collaborative, proven and multi-generational collective that focuses on New Real Estate Developments and Asset Management in Western Canada. We’ve dedicated the last decade to building excellent relationships and partnerships with devoted professionals with decades of experience who all share in the ownership and operations of our assets.

Get further, faster and come be a part of doing good things and earning good returns.


Have optimal tenants by having the best space in your neighbourhood.  Feel secure knowing that any required renovations or maintenance are up to date.


Collaboration is a huge part of how we operate; we will always have time to meet and strategize as to how we can help get you where you want to be.


Our rental options are clean, safe and affordable.  We have many options for you, regardless of which stage of life you are in.  Our team is always on the look out for top-notch tenants.

“Caleb’s knowledge of the construction industry and business development/sub trades are exceptional. I have had the pleasure of working with Caleb through collaborating with different teams. He commands whatever room he enters with the ability to want every team & company to be a success. Caleb gives nothing but excellent advice with the knowledge of being an expert in the business development/sub trades field. He makes a dramatic difference for the company he is dealing with and strives for success. Caleb earns my highest recommendation.”

Lori Feist, Handi-Can

“‘Exceptionally efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Caleb. After having worked with Caleb in my capacity as a broker I was able to see first hand the drive and efficiency that Caleb conducts in his business and as an entrepreneur. From my first meeting with Caleb I could see the value that the Seed Team is able to offer to new investors and seasoned veterans. He has everything mapped out from sourcing properties, financials, operations, marketing, property management insurance, renovations and beyond. If you are serious about building your business or real estate portfolio you need talk with Caleb.”

Barrie Latter, Jen-Col Construction Ltd.

“Caleb West is one of the brightest business-minded people I have ever met. He has a real gift for thinking outside of the box and an even bigger gift of taking massive action. I have met a lot of business owners, but none as focused as Caleb in the area of true customer service. He always looks for a way to add value to his clients to get them where they want to be.”

Drew Kardash, Pyramid Corporation

“I have worked with Caleb on numerous projects over the past three years. He is honest, driven and solutions-oriented. He is highly knowledgeable about construction processes and project management and is my go-to source when I have questions about commercial and larger scale projects. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to my clients.”

Spencer Janke, Elite Trade Painting

“Building a partnership with the Seed Team was one of the best things that could have happened to my business. I feel I am part of a group of experts that are always willing to share their knowledge with me and guide me to reach my goals in the most efficient way. Expert advice has always been available on the areas where I need it the most. From accounting and financing to renovations and buying and selling techniques, there is an expert in the Seed team that has an answer for me. The best part is the passion and enthusiasm they feel for their work. Honest, professional and collaborative. That’s the Seed Team.”

Leo Paternina, Keyspire Edmonton

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